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Help us help the future by providing supporting the most complex and largest Campus facilities – the UC Santa Cruz Natural Reserves. The reserves are the living laboratory and outdoor classrooms for the University of California.

Your support will directly increase and enhance research excellence, train the next generation of environmental leaders, and maintain our natural reserves so they can be used for education and research in perpetuity. We will do this by creating new programs that provide on-the-ground research support, mentor and teach students, and steward the natural lands within our reserves.

Your donation will directly support our reserves, students that use them, and help us grow additional programs. This coming year we are increasing student support from all disciplines to participate in transformational hands-on experiences, gain leadership skills, put theory into practice, focus on achieving high academic excellence, and become the critical thinkers and leaders of the future.

“I have experienced a mentorship relationship I have not found anywhere else. It has provided me with several work and volunteer opportunities, connected me with other organizations and provided a sense of place amidst a hazy and hectic undergraduate experience.”

— Biology Undergrad (now working for California Coastal Conservancy)

“I can apply these abilities to help me in my future academic career, which I hope will be environmental law, by being able to identify the more dire aspects of the environment and enact legislation accordingly.”

Combined ENVS/Politics Undergrad

“I learned that I had the potential to learn anything. Before, I had pretty much completely written off the idea that I could understand anything remotely related to science… I am confident in my ability to take on new tasks and learn something so foreign to me…Now I know that with time, energy, and a good support system, I have the potential to learn anything.”

— Linguistics Undergrad

“This class helped me discover that I learn the best in hands-on situations (experiential-based learning) and has helped me guide my career path.”

— Biology undergrad in course taught by Año Reserve Director Patrick Robinson.


UC Santa Cruz combines a long history of environmental and conservation leadership with research excellence in inquiry-based field science education and management of natural lands. The UCSC Natural Reserves provide the outdoor classrooms and living laboratories where science takes place in protected habitats, and where students are introduced to the natural world and trained in a multitude of environmental, ecological, and physical science disciplines and exposed, many for the first time, to hands-on experiences in nature.

Your support will help us to build a fund created by the Thirty Petals Foundation to maintain these activities in perpetuity. We have a matching fund opportunity from the Wilton W. Webster Jr. Presidential Chair for the UCSC Natural Reserves – the first $30k will be matched. Even a small donation is incredibly helpful!

Please join me in supporting the Natural Reserves by donating now!

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