The Feynner Fund

feynner on a chairRafael Arias-Godenez, also known as Feynner, has been the reserve steward at UCSC’s Landels-Hill Big Creek Reserve for over thirty years. Since 1988, Feynner has cared for the land and facilities at Big Creek Reserve, served as an unparalleled resource for students and researchers, and become a beloved friend, mentor, and teacher to those that cross his path. This summer, an era will come to a close as Feynner retires and embarks on new adventures traveling across the US and abroad.

feynner with a weedwhackerFeynner embodies a true love of the land and deeply values the knowledge and skills needed to protect ecosystems sustaining native plants and animals. To honor the legacy that Feynner has left at Big Creek Reserve and in the hearts of many, the UCSC Natural Reserve System is establishing The Feynner Fund.

The Feynner Fund in the Endowment for the UCSC Natural Reserves will support a wide variety of activities all of which will help train future stewards and provide students with hands-on opportunities in the field. Each year, the Feynner Fund will support paid Feynner Arias Stewards that will work on land stewardship projects at Big Creek Reserve and throughout the Central Coast. The Fund will also support scholarships for students needing assistance in order to participate in field-based courses and help create additional stewardship opportunities that focus on training land managers. Thank you for joining us in creating the Feynner Fund and commemorating the work and values of a man that we have been lucky to have at the heart of Landels-Hill Big Creek Reserve for so long!

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