Tutoring Resources

Modified Supplemental Instruction
Modified Supplemental Instruction (MSI) is a weekly meeting time that is provided for all students in select courses who want to acquire effective learning strategies, work towards understanding difficult course material, and build relationships with their fellow students in an environment of peer-learning and collaborative effort.
Learning Support Services (LSS) aims to promote educational equity for all UC Santa Cruz undergraduate students by fostering interactive, peer-based academic communities through Small Group Tutoring, Modified Supplemental Instruction, Drop-In Services, and Writing Tutoring.

The Westside Writing Center (WWC) offers writing consultation services and tutoring designed to teach and support undergraduate students in all aspects of scholastic writing.  We serve Kresge, Oakes, Porter, and Rachel Carson students.

We offer you vital assistance for all your writing needs, including supplementing the writing pedagogy for the College Writing and Core courses, supporting non-native language speakers, and assisting students with disabilities.