Internships and Current Opportunities

  • UCSC Undergraduate Internship Office (for all majors)
    The UCSC ENVS internship office provides internship opportunities at a variety of local, state, national and international organizations. These organizations and businesses include educational, agricultural, non-profit, for-profit, government and non-government internship positions. Many of our more than 120 internships can be found on the Available Internships page.
  • This page provides a clearinghouse for research opportunities across the campus and across all disciplines. It also has a lot of information on how to go about getting research experience. For example, who do you contact? How best to go about it?
  • The Santa Cruz Museum of Natural History seeks a nature enthusiast with a passion for education to intern with the museum’s education programs. Interns gain experience in outdoor, environmental, and science education while helping connect Santa Cruz children to the natural world and build environmental literacy. 
  • Oikonos Año Nuevo Island Seabird Research and Conservation Internship 

    Oikonos Ecosystem Knowledge is seeking two highly motivated interns to work with our seabird conservation science project at Año Nuevo Island, California, during spring and summer 2018. Año Nuevo Island is a seabird and marine mammal refuge just north of Santa Cruz. We annually monitor the ecology of breeding seabirds on the island, and enhance degraded breeding habitat for nesting Rhinoceros Auklets, Cassin’s Auklets, and other seabirds. Interns will work with our small crew during weekly field trips to Año Nuevo Island, collecting data on population, reproduction, and diet of various seabird species. This is a unique opportunity to learn skills such as bird banding and handling, scientific monitoring, habitat restoration, and the natural history of marine wildlife in Monterey Bay, in a hands-on, wild field setting.

  • Sierra Pacific Industries is posting a Seasonal Botanical Technician Position for the 2018 survey season! This is a great way for students and graduates to gain exposure to the diverse flora within California’s vast timberlands and practice plant identification, all while documenting new populations of rare plants across our ownership.  We are based out of Anderson CA and will be surveying for rare species throughout many of the mountain ranges of northern California. Due Feb 1 2018.