Researchers measure elephant seals at UCSC Año Nuevo Natural Reserve. NMFS 14636

Reserve Steward Joe Miller and undergraduate researcher Jocelyn Dubon collect data from UCSC Forest Ecology Research Plot (FERP), UCSC Campus Natural Reserve. UC Santa Cruz Natural Reserves support research in ecology, biology, restoration, climate, marine biology, and environmental studies. These reserves provide protected areas that can be utilized for long-term studies with minimal human disturbance. Highlighted examples of of ongoing research include long term forest ecology research on UCSC Campus Natural Reserve; coastal prarie restoration research at Younger Lagoon Natural Reserve; research that monitors migration/distribution, foraging behavior, pup mass and survival, and population demography in elephant seals at Año Nuevo Natural Reserve; research of landscape-level dynamics between fire disturbance and pathogens at Landels-Hill Big Creek Natural Reserve; and distribution and genetic studies of the reptiles in maritime chaparral habitat at Fort Ord Natural Reserve. These highlight just a few of many research projects being undertaken at UC Santa Cruz Natural Reserves. More information can be found in annual reports, by visiting the main web page for each reserve.