Photo Field Research Quarter - APPLICATIONS DUE MAY 27, 2018

April 23, 2018

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Photo Field Research Quarter (PFRQ)- Art 159 and 156 Summer 2018
 Application can be found here
Seeking a group of motivated students to join us for a challenging and exciting summer exploring and documenting California. Attention will be focused on various social, economic, environmental and historical issues. PFRQ is open to all students. Third and fourth year students with a clear interest in pursuing study in photography and film are preferred. Participants will be selected based on the quality and content of their applications. Class size is limited to 11 students. In it’s inaugural year, the PFRQ offers students the unique opportunity to live and learn outside of the classroom actively engaging locations and communities across the entire state of California. We will be covering 2600 miles from Northern Mendocino County to the Salton Sea, from the Eastern Sierra and Death Valley to Big Sur. The PFRQ exposes students to several cultural, historical, and environmental issues facing the State of California. This exposure is intended to plant seeds of interest to further develop projects as students continue their study and art making practice at UC Santa Cruz.
The following locations will be visited during the class:
San Francisco, Redwood Valley, Frey Winery, Redwood Valley Rancheria/Reservation Covelo, Round Valley Rancheria/Reservation, McLaughlin UC Reserve, Homestake’s Mine, Donner Lake, Lake Tahoe, Valentine Camp UC Reserve, Manzanar Internment Camp, Owen’s Valley/Lake, Los Angeles Aqueduct, Death Valley, Mojave Desert, Granite Mountain UC Reserve, Boyd Deep Canyon UC Reserve, Salton Sea, Stunt Ranch UC Reserve, Big Sur, Big Creek UC Reserve.
The PFRQ teaches camera handling skills, concepts of composition, exposure and lighting by engaging students on location in various challenging environments, as well as techniques for interaction with found subjects and participants. A digital image capture device of some kind is required. Digital SLRs, point and shoot cameras, phones and digital notebooks capable of image capture are all acceptable devices for use in this course. Shooting analog film in addition to digital image capture is encouraged. Course work will consist of oral research presentations in the field, critiques presented through digital projection, and a daily field journal. NHFQ requires serious commitment. There will be rugged all-day hiking, interactions with diverse and remote communities, and long-distance travel. No previous camping experience is required, but participants should expect to live, photograph, and actively participate on the road and outdoors with a small group throughout the quarter. This course takes place from August 1st to August 23rd entirely in the field. We will not be returning to Santa Cruz until the very last day of the class.
The PFRQ is a 10-unit program composed of two upper-division photography courses. Participants must enroll in both Art 156 Project Development in Photography and Art 159 Special Topics in Photography. A course fee of $500 will be charged in addition to regular tuition to cover the costs of transportation, lodging, and logistical support. This fee does not cover personal gear or food. More information about PFRQ is available by contacting Jack Chapman in the Baskin Visual Art Department. (831) 459-2282 or