UCSC NRS Staff Co-Writes Marine Mammal Children's Book

August 31, 2017

UC Santa Cruz Natural Reserves is excited to share a new children’s book for ages 5-8, “A Seal Named Patches” by University of Alaska Fairbanks Graduate Student Researcher Roxanne Beltran and UC Santa Cruz Año Nuevo Reserve Director Patrick Robinson. Through breathtaking photos and real-life stories, young readers will learn about how scientists do fieldwork, and what it's like to fly in a helicopter over Antarctica. Available for pre-order on Amazon.com, release date November 2017. 
Dr. Jane Goodall DBE, Founder of Jane Goodall Institute and United Nations Messenger of Peace, has this to say about the work: "Only if we understand can we care; and only if we care can we help. This delightful story will help children understand the magical world of snow and ice that is home to a very special seal, Patches. They will be stimulated, want to learn more, and be inspired to protect the wonders of nature and the animals with whom we share planet earth." 
We are proud to support this creative work from our reserves community, for tomorrow's inquisitive young readers!